Update: ‘Sundays on the Boulevard’ Not in Effect Sunday, October 5. 

Baxter Boulevard will still be closed to motorists to make way for 3,000+ Maine Marathon participants.  The last ‘Sundays on the Boulevard’ Closure for 2014 is October 26


About Sundays on the Boulevard

Come on down to Baxter Boulevard – from the first Sunday in May to the second Sunday in November – and take advantage of one of the best views in Portland. You can ride bikes, run, picnic, and otherwise enjoy the car-free landscape!

For more information: 207.874-8801.

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  • We hope to capitalize on the momentum that was created when the Boulevard was closed last year to cars during our public works project. People really took advantage of the roadway during this time and enjoyed it as a recreational space. This is just a formal extension of that.- Michael Bobinsky - Portland’s Director of Public Services
  • We already changed people’s behavior last year, so we feel this is the perfect time to give this effort another try. These programs are growing across the country. They really help to showcase various modes of transportation and connect people to streets.- Kara Wooldrik - Executive Director of Portland Trails