Sundays on the Boulevard General Information

  • Every Sunday May  – September
  • Hours: 9am-4pm
  • Location: Vannah Avenue to Payson Park, **starting June 3, 2021 the location will shift on Baxter Blvd, due to construction.
  • No smoking
  • Dogs on leash
  • Trash and bathrooms: at Payson Park and Dyers Flat entrance

Temporary 2021 location, starting June 6.


  • Food Trucks: park down at Payson on the leg of the triangle. This will allow you to come/go without disrupting people on the Boulevard. If trucks arrive at Vannah Ave., please detour them up to Ocean Ave and enter into Payson Park from that direction.
  • Other Vendors: arts and crafts vendors are welcome to set up anywhere w/in the enclosure. We encourage them to group near the Payson Park end of the Boulevard. Business licenses and any other licensing that they would need apply here. Vendors must be self-contained, meaning that they have to have their own electricity, water…etc  These folks should not be driving onto the Blvd. to access the area they want to set up on.
  • Classes, like yoga or dance…etc. are welcome but are not allowed to charge a fee. They can ask for a donation. They can notify the organizers for help with promotion or they can just show up. This is intended to be an organic public event.
  • Political/Advocacy groups are not allowed to set up a table/booth but they are allowed to walk through/be in the area.
  • None of the vendors or others are allowed to drive past the barriers. (There will be an adaptive cycle group that will need to drop off its equipment inside the barrier. Please allow them to do so.)
  • We welcome equipment demos but, to start, we do not want equipment rentals. People can rent equipment at local outdoor outfitters.


Detour routes

If people in autos need to get around the closed area…

1.Vannah Ave, R on Forest Ave, R on Ocean Ave, R on Washington Ave.

2. through Payson Park, L on Ocean Ave, L on Forest Ave, L on Vannah Ave


For Volunteers

  • Person in safety vest with a flag/stop sign paddle and an FAQ sheet at Vannah.
  • Person in safety vest with a flag/stop sign paddle and an FAQ sheet to help them with inquiries on Baxter near the leg of Payson triangle nearest Bates. (aka “2nd entrance)
  • two-five barricades side by side with flashers installed at each end of the event. Barricades completely across both lanes of Blvd. At 4pm, please disassemble barricades and place on the grass beside Blvd.
  • Please place/attach temporary “Sundays on the Blvd” sign to 2 of the barricades (face out to traffic).  At end, remove and place under barricades.
  • Only ambulances, fire and police cars may go through barricade unless they are notified ahead of time. Occasionally groups (for skateboard demos, etc.) will need to get through barricades.  volunteers will get a list of those groups authorized for this.
  • on some Sundays, there will be walkathons, road races, etc. taking place at Payson Park (and using the Back Cove Path and Boulevard as part of the walk/race route).

Shutdown and re-opening procedure. (for City staff with help from volunteers)

  • Barricades across the tip of triangle.  Add a Street Closed sign at these barricades.
  • Place Slow sign on Baxter just before paved parking lot (right after Seaside).
  • Staff person in place put barricades in place at Blvd/Payson Park.  Volunteer let vehicles through barricade that were traveling on Blvd prior to shutdown (from Vannah).
  • Staff in vehicle drives toward Vannah on the Blvd.  Puts barricades in place at Blvd/Vannah in both directions.
  • Staff in vehicle turns around and follows all cars that have entered at Vannah back to Payson. Once staff vehicle is through, the BLVD is clear..
  • Put notices on vehicles that are parked in dirt lot before shutdown asking them to leave the park via Ocean Ave.
  • Re-opening procedure would be in reverse order with car starting at Vannah and opening Vannah, then traveling on roadway ensuring all pedestrians have moved back to path.  Re-open Blvd/Payson and then re-open tip of triangle.  All barricade materials stacked on the grass areas.

In case of emergency, call 911. For non-emergencies that need to be resolved immediately, call 874-8575 (non-emergency police) or 712-0287 (ranger)